Lebanese Information Center (LIC) Recognizes Assistant Secretary of Commerce Richard Ashooh

 Washington DC - October 24, 2018

Lebanese Information Center (LIC) President Dr. Joseph Gebeily met with Assistant Secretary of Commerce Richard Ashooh last week to extend the LIC's deepest gratitude for A.S. Ashooh's years of support to the Lebanese community in his home state of New Hampshire, in the US as a whole, and in Lebanon itself. As a sign of thanks, Dr. Gebeily presented A.S. Ashooh with the LIC Plaque of Honor. The plaque is the LIC's highest recognition of public servants of Lebanese descent who, in both their public and private lives, have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the United States and the guiding principles and policies of the LIC.

A.S. Ashooh is a Lebanese-American businessman, politician, and longtime friend to the LIC. He began his storied career as a staff member for the U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs and has extensive experience in the aerospace industry, focusing on programs that protect the U.S. and allied countries, particularly in electronic warfare. Prior to his current role, he served as the Director of Economic Partnerships at the University System of New Hampshire.

The LIC has long advocated for strong cooperation between the United States and Lebanon on a range of political, cultural, security and economic issues, and hopes that A.S. Ashooh continues to play a role in the deepening of that relationship in the future.

The Lebanese Information Center in the US, the largest grassroots organization of Americans of Lebanese descent, remains committed to building a free, sovereign and democratic Lebanon, for the good of the Lebanese people and in the interests of the United States of America.





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