LIC Welcomes the appointment of Ambassador Bolton

April 10, 2018


The Lebanese Information Center warmly welcomes the appointment of Ambassador John Bolton as National Security Adviser to US President Donald Trump.

Ambassador Boltonís appointment comes as the United States faces significant challenges to its national security and global interests, particularly in the Middle East. Throughout his diplomatic career, Ambassador Bolton has demonstrated admirable courage and a remarkable readiness to stand up to forces of evil, including radical jihadists and Iranian terrorists. We are confident his dedication will serve the Administration and the American people well.

During his time at the Department of State, Ambassador Bolton worked tirelessly to free Lebanon from Syriaís crippling occupation. In appreciation of these efforts, the Lebanese-American community awarded him the Cedar Shield Award in 2006. Ambassador Bolton continued to be an ally to Lebanon during his tenure as US Ambassador to the United Nations.

The advent of this administration has boosted morale among supporters of a free, pluralistic, and democratic Lebanon. They are counting on incoming US officials to more robustly confront the pressing geopolitical challenges threatening the interests of both our countries. With Ambassador Boltonís recent appointment, these movements are more confident than ever that this new era will reinstate the US as the principal guardian of global stability, world peace, and the right of independent nations to enjoy their sovereignty and freedoms.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is on the march in the region, putting US interests and allies in serious peril. It is on the verge of creating an arc of influence reaching from Tehran to the Mediterranean Sea -- and Hezbollah, its biggest and most effective asset, exploits Lebanon as its base of operations. It is a critical time for the region, and our only hope for the reversal of this dangerous trajectory is dedicated, experienced people like Ambassador Bolton.

The Lebanese Information Center, the largest grassroots organization of Americans of Lebanese descent, congratulates Ambassador Bolton on his new role and looks forward to cooperating with the United States to promote our national interests and support the cause of freedom in Lebanon and the Middle East.




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