Dr. Gebeily Meets with Canadian Officials

 December 28, 2013


The President of the Lebanese Information Center Dr. Joseph Gebeily stressed from Canada that Lebanon needs a functioning government, saying that continuing with a caretaker government is untenable. He added that the government must subsequently establish a suitable environment to hold presidential elections on time and according to the constitutional provision of a simple majority vote. On the crisis in Syria, Dr. Gebeily said that the only possible solution to the crisis is effective international intervention that would put a definitive end to the war. The international community should also respect the Syrian people’s desires in forming a transitional government that would move Syria away from a single-party state towards a real democratic nation.

Dr. Gebeily visited Canada for a series of meetings with Canadian officials, including the Canadian Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Chris Alexander. Minister Alexander and Dr. Gebeily spoke about developments in Syria and the effects of the conflict there on Lebanon. Minister Alexander assured Dr. Gebeily that Canada continues to advocate for the sovereignty and independence of Lebanon, and that Canada supports Lebanese state institutions in their efforts to extend control over the entirety of Lebanese territories. He highlighted the importance of preventing spillover from the Syria conflict into Lebanon, and condemned the presence of non-state armed groups. On the future of Syria, Minister Alexander reiterated Canada’s support for a final solution to the current conflict that would establish a democracy and fulfill the aspirations of the Syrian people.

Dr. Gebeily also met with the Minister for Justice and Immigration in Nova Scotia province Lina Diab and -MP Maria Mourani from Montreal. During these meetings, he emphasized the importance of Canada’s role in supporting Lebanon on an international scale as well as for the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolutions on Lebanon, and particularly 1559 and 1701.

“We must also mention Canada’s firm position on supporting the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, established by the international community to stop political assassinations in Lebanon and bring their perpetrators to justice,” said Dr. Gebeily.

On domestic and regional political issues, Dr. Gebeily stressed that Lebanon today is subject to various attempts at creating a vacuum in the absence of political, security, and administrative state institutions. He added that those in charge must form a functioning government and hold presidential elections on-time and according to constitutional provisions.

Dr. Gebeily also reiterated his warning about the dangerous consequences of Hezbollah’s open and clear intervention in Syria’s war along Assad's forces.  He added that the Syrian regime today is playing the “card” of extremist groups in an attempt to gain the upper hand in its negotiations.

Dr. Gebeily also warned against the depiction of the dictatorial Assad regime as a protector of minorities, especially Christians, in the region. “We reject this notion as much as we reject the practices of the religious fanatic groups who deny people their freedom and dignity, and target both Christians and Muslims alike,” he said.





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