Thursday, April 08, 2010

ISF Opens Refurbished Police Academy and Congratulates the Latest Group of U.S.-Trained Internal Security Forces Cadets

April 8, 2010 U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission Thomas F. Daughton congratulated a group of over 320 Internal Security Forces (ISF) police cadets and officers who graduated from the 14th and 15th U.S.-funded Basic Course Police Training program. The cadets were presented with their completion of training certificates and encouraged to use their newly acquired knowledge in service to the public.

Earlier, ISF and U.S. officials conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly completed $7 million, initial renovation of the Warwar Academy. The renovations provide classroom space for 100 additional students, a modernized kitchen and dining facility to serve hundreds of meals each day, and improved dormitory space to accommodate over 380 resident students during their training.

The graduating cadets were trained in a ten-week, state-of-the-art program, taught by U.S. instructors and curriculum developers with the assistance of Lebanese police and legal professionals. The training focused on the latest policing and law enforcement skills and the application of these skills to specific situations. The curriculum includes modern police practices, understanding democratic policing and human rights, criminal investigation procedures and other essential law enforcement skills.

Thanking the ISF, Mr. Daughton commended the Director of the ISF Academy, Brigadier General Abdelbadih Al Soussi, the ISF instructors, the U.S. trainers and the new graduates. Daughton highlighted that all Lebanese would benefit from the training in traffic management and improved security throughout the country.

The U.S. Government has been assisting the ISF in its development since 2007 through several programs. This training program is part of the ongoing $104 million commitment to law enforcement assistance programs, which assist the ISF to enforce the rule of law and protect the Lebanese people within their sovereign state. The professional development of the ISF is critical for Lebanon’s sovereignty and security. The U.S. Government is committed to supporting Lebanon, the ISF and the Lebanese people.