Monday, March 22, 2010

Lebanese President and U.S. Ambassador Meet at Baabda

22/03/10 14:14 NNA - President Michel Sleiman and U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Michele Sison met today at Baabda Palace. Ambassador Sison conveyed to President Sleiman the United States' continuing support for a strong and independent Lebanon, as well as support for the efforts of President Sleiman and the Lebanese government to build peace and stability within Lebanon and contribute to peace and stability throughout the region. She commended President Sleiman for his leadership and commitment to the people of Lebanon.
Ambassador Sison noted the U.S. commitment to the ongoing diverse and successful partnerships between the United States and Lebanon in the areas of economic growth and military and law enforcement assistance, totaling over $1 billion since 2006. As President Obama told President Sleiman last December, part of peace is economic opportunity and justice in civil society; U.S. assistance thus provides support to education and other programs that promote opportunity in Lebanon.
Ambassador Sison applauded President Sleiman for his leadership on a number of key issues, including the pursuit of a just, lasting and comprehensive Middle East peace. She reiterated the United States' position that it will not allow its efforts to achieve its goals in the Middle East or to engage Syria come at the expense of its deep commitment to Lebanon and to the Lebanese people, nor will it support the forced naturalization of Palestinians in Lebanon. Ambassador Sison expressed the United States' continued hope that the Government of Lebanon will continue to exercise its legitimate authority over all of Lebanon as well as America's commitment to the full implementation of all relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions.