Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Sep 23 2009 9:10 PM The United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon today held discussions with one of the country’s senior parliamentary figures as part of UN efforts to promote an end to the current deadlock on the forming of a national unity government. Michael Williams met with General Michel Aoun, the leader of the Reform and Change bloc in the Lebanese Parliament, with their talks focused on the delays to the formation of a government, the UN spokesperson’s office reported. Lebanon held nationwide elections in June but its lawmakers have been unable to agree since then on the composition of a unity government, including a cabinet. Earlier this month Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon voiced concern about the impasse and encouraged all sides to continue their efforts to reach agreement. Mr. Williams said today after his discussions with Gen. Aoun that Lebanon is expected to soon take over one of the rotating seats on the Security Council “This is a very important role for Lebanon, which requires a fully functioning government that can follow up on many important international issues,” he said.