Tuesday, September 08, 2009


New York, Sep 8 2009 2:11PM

The United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon today voiced his concern that no agreement has been reached on the formation of a government, more than 10 weeks after the designation of Saad Hariri as Prime Minister-designate.
Michael Williams discussed the issue during a meeting in Beirut with the Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, Nabih Berri.
In a statement issued after the meeting, Mr. Williams called on all Lebanese to continue to work towards the goal of a unity government.
“Democracy needs compromise,” he said. “Lebanon must not return to the old days of polarization and crisis.”
They also discussed the implementation of Security Council resolution 1701, which helped to end the 2006 war between Hizbollah and Israel, as well as the situation in south Lebanon.
“We are both pleased by the calm that has prevailed in southern Lebanon recently, and we hope that all sides concerned continue to move towards the full implementation of the resolution soon,” said Mr. Williams.
The Special Coordinator went over the process of forming a new government with Mr. Hariri when the two met last Friday, and expressed his hope that this will be accomplished soon, particularly since the government will have many social, economic and security challenges to face after it is formed.