Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ambassador Michele J. Sison Welcomes Guests to the U.S. Embassy to Celebrate Independence Day

July 2, 2009 Ambassador Michele J. Sison warmly welcomed more than 1000 guests to the U.S. Embassy on July 2 to celebrate the 233nd anniversary of the United States' independence. The attendees represented a wide array of Lebanese society including national and local government officials, business executives, religious leaders, Lebanese Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces officers, media personalities, cultural figures and alumni of U.S. Government-sponsored programs. Among the invited guests were those who work with USAID, the Middle East Partnership Initiative and Public Diplomacy on projects such as small business development, leadership training, civil society promotion, transparency, and combating trafficking in persons. 
In her remarks, Ambassador Sison underscored that "America is proud to be a partner in supporting Lebanon's economic strength, in supporting Lebanon's education system and civil society.  We are proud to support the key Lebanese institutions of the Army and the Internal Security Forces... Our fates and our fortunes are intertwined like never before.  We all share responsibility for working together to ensure a more peaceful and prosperous future."
Embassy Of The United States. Beirut. Lebanon - Press Release

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