Friday, April 24, 2009

U.S. Embassy Sends Internal Security Forces Members to the United States for Training

April 22, 2009 The second group of Internal Security Forces (ISF) members participated in the U.S. sponsored Police Training Visitor's Program from March 29 to April 10.  The first program took place in August, 2008.  The third session will take place in September.
The Lebanon Law Enforcement Visitor Program honors the highest-achieving students, instructors, and officers who have completed training in Lebanon in the U.S. supported police training program.   On this visit, the participants met with their professional colleagues in Washington D.C., Kansas City, Missouri, and Salt Lake City, Utah.
This bi-annual visitor program strengthens the trainees' knowledge and complements their training at the ISF Academy.  While in the United States the group participated in police patrols, toured the training centers of the bomb detection canine training unit at ATF, a U.S. law enforcement agency, the National Parks Mounted Police Academy, and visited counter-narcotics units, detention units and emergency operations centers in Kansas City and Salt Lake City.  Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams demonstrated search warrant implementation and specialized equipment.   In each of the cities, the group learned about community policing programs that strengthen the trust and cooperation between the community and the police.
These high achieving police officers and recruits will bring their knowledge back to Lebanon and the ISF, where they will use their skills to benefit Lebanon, and share their new knowledge with their professional colleagues in the ISF.   The $80 million U.S. assistance program to the ISF strengthens the professional capacity of the ISF and is part of the overall U.S. security assistance program to Lebanon. 

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