Tuesday, October 07, 2008

State Department on the Syrian military activities on the border with Lebanon and on reviewing US policy towards Syria

US Department of State
Daily Press Briefing
Robert Wood, Deputy Spokesman
Washington, DC
October 6, 2008
QUESTION: Yes. What's the U.S. reaction to the Syrian military activities on the border with Lebanon? And is the State Department conducting a new review about policy towards Syria?
MR. WOOD: Well, we've seen reports about continued Syrian military activity along the Lebanese-Syrian border. And you know, we in the international community a week ago made very clear that any intervention by Syria, you know, into – you know, by Syrian troops into Lebanon would be unacceptable. So you know, the recent terrorist attacks that took place in Tripoli and Damascus should not serve as a pretext for, you know, further Syrian military engagement or as – should not be used to interfere in Lebanese internal affairs.

QUESTION: About a review – are you doing a review on how to deal with Syria now?

MR. WOOD: I'm not aware of any review with regard to Syria at this point.

QUESTION: Thank you.

MR. WOOD: On the same issue?

QUESTION: Yes, on the same subject. You seem to imply that there is a danger it could be used as a pretext to --

MR. WOOD: Well, I'm not saying necessarily that there's a danger, but obviously we were concerned about this type of activity along the border and that it not lead to any further interference on the part of Syria into Lebanon's internal affairs.

QUESTION: Did you notify the Syrian Government through your Embassy?

MR. WOOD: The Syrian Government is well aware of our views with regard to any kind of military activity along the border.