Thursday, December 13, 2007

State Department Statement on Francois al-Hajj assassination and on Presidential Elections

US Department of State

Press Statement
Sean McCormack, Spokesman
Washington, DC
December 12, 2007

Assassination of Francois al-Hajj in Lebanon

The United States condemns today's brutal assassination of Lebanese Brigadier General Francois al-Hajj. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of all of the victims, and with the Lebanese government, Army, and people.This bombing is yet another vicious and cowardly attack against Lebanon and its constitutional institutions. Two years ago today, Lebanon mourned the death of Lebanese Parliamentarian Gebran Tueni, just one of numerous other Lebanese leaders who have been murdered for their service to their country.

Today's heinous attack comes at a crucial time for the future of the Lebanese people when a minority in Lebanon's opposition is blocking the holding of presidential elections. The international community has called for the Lebanese to hold, without delay, a free and fair presidential election in conformity with the Lebanese constitutional rules, without foreign interference or influence and with full respect for Lebanon's democratic institutions.

The United States commends the legitimate and democratically elected government of Lebanon and the Lebanese Armed Forces for their roles in managing the affairs of the State and in protecting Lebanon's security in the period until the presidential election occurs.

The Lebanese people deserve to live in an independent and secure country without fear of violence and intimidation from those who would seek to undermine Lebanese democracy.


Released on December 12, 2007