Wednesday, January 24, 2007

United States Condemns Violence in Lebanon

US Department of State
Press Statement                                                               
Sean McCormack                                                                
Washington, DC                                                                
January 23, 2007                                                               
The United States is deeply concerned about developments today in Lebanon.    
Lebanese factions allied with Syria are blocking roads, preventing people from
reaching their jobs and schools, and obstructing the work of the security     
services. These factions are trying to use violence, threats, and intimidation
to impose their political will on Lebanon. They also seek to distract attention
from the Paris III conference to be held later this week, where international 
donors will demonstrate their strong support for the people and government of 
Lebanon. Especially given the dangers of sectarian clashes, the United States 
calls on all parties to use peaceful and constitutional means to debate the   
political issues before them, and to exercise restraint. Lebanon is a democracy
with a strong parliamentary system and a tradition of national dialogue. The  
United States hopes that Lebanon's leaders will return immediately to the     
Parliament, or resume a national dialogue, in order to resolve political      
differences peacefully.                                                        
Released on January 23, 2007