Ending the Assad Regime is in the Best Interest of the United States

Sept 9, 2013

Over the past 40 years the brutal Assad regime in Syria has proven to be one of the staunchest and most consistent enemies of the United States. Not only has this regime served as one of the main exporters of terrorism and supporters of terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas, but the Assad regime has actually aided Al Qaeda and allowed its members to cross into Iraq to kill American soldiers and slaughter innocent Iraqi civilians. Furthermore, Assad’s alliance with Iran and Hezbollah presents the most significant threat to the interests and security of the United States as well as a major obstacle to stability and peace in the region.

The current events in Syria represent a major turning point in the modern history of the Middle East. It is imperative that the United States plays a leading role in affecting the outcome.

The LIC maintains that:

  •  The proliferation of sectarianism and fundamentalism in Syria is a direct result of Assad’s behavior. The faster that Assad falls, the easier it would be for the free Syrian people to purge from their midst these extremists who are mainly comprised of foreign elements.
  •  The fall of the Assad regime is not likely to lead to a takeover by Al Qaeda or other Jihadists. On the contrary, it will eliminate the major reason for their current extensive presence in Syria and would eliminate the rallying cry that is used as an effective recruitment tool.
  •  A prolonged war in Syria will undoubtedly drag the entire region towards the unknown, destabilizing friendly and allied countries such as Israel, Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon and causing an increase in religious fundamentalism and terrorism which will be easily exported to Western countries.
  •  Without forceful American action, Assad's latest maneuvers, especially the use of WMDs, will further embolden him and his ‘unholy’ allies, Iran and Hezbollah, would be detrimental to regional and global peace and stability, and would continue to be a definite threat to US security and interests.

The Syrian crisis represents a historical opportunity for the United States. By hastening the fall of Assad, the United States would be ridding itself of one of its most brutal adversaries in the Middle East. It would also be eliminating a central breeding ground for terrorism and sending a strong and clear message to its other enemies in the region and the rest of the world.

Failing to act at this critical juncture will have catastrophic consequences on stability in the region as well as the security and interests of the United States.



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