“Back to Roots” Summer Academy Program for Lebanese-American Students

October 1, 2011


For the second consecutive year, the Back to Roots Summer Academy Program sponsored by the Lebanese Information Center in the U.S. gave a group of Lebanese-American college students the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge of the history, heritage and politics of Lebanon. Realizing that a firsthand experience of the country is essential for understanding its different aspects, the LIC aims, through its support of the program, to illustrate the importance of the motherland that defined the participants’ ancestors, while underlining the uniqueness of Lebanon as a hub for freedom and democracy in the Middle East.

Over two weeks in the summer, the students participating in the program took part in lectures covering Lebanon’s history, politics, geography and culture, while also emphasizing the sharing of ideas and mutual learning. A considerable part of the Back to Roots Summer Academy was also based on trips outside the classroom to touristic, cultural and academic sites in Lebanon. Furthermore, the Back to Roots participants had the opportunity to meet with Lebanese officials, among them the President of the Republic and several influential spiritual, political and social leaders.

The program, which received considerable attention from the local media and various organizations, intends to shift the link to the motherland from a fragile family-based association to a strong and durable relationship with the country itself. In its efforts to maintain a connection between Lebanon and the over two million people of Lebanese origin living in the US, and in light of the praise that the first two Back to Roots editions obtained as well as the enthusiasm of their alumni, the LIC looks forward to upcoming editions of this program that ultimately highlights to its participants the shared values of democracy, freedom and prosperity between their motherland and their adopted land.

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